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  • In the sexagesimal system the numerators of the successive fractions (the denominators of which were the successive powers of 60) were followed by', ", "', ", the denominator not being written.
  • - The numerators and denominators of the convergents to the general continued fraction both satisfy the difference equation un =anu„_,+bnun_2.
  • Their numerators are denoted by Pi, P2, their denominators by q,, q2, q3, We have the relations p n = an pn-1 +bn pn-2, qn = angn-1 +bngn-2.
  • In fact, a continued fraction ai +a2+ +an+ can be constructed having for the numerators of its successive convergents any assigned quantities pi, P2, P3,
  • " Now for the interpolation of the rest, I considered that the denominators I, 3, 5, &c., were in arithmetical progression; and that therefore only the numerical coefficients of the numerators were to be investigated.

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