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  • He wanted a strong union and energetic government that should " rest as much as possible on the shoulders of the people and as little as possible on those of the state legislatures "; that should have the support of wealth and class; and that should curb the states to such an " entire subordination " as nowise to be hindered by those bodies.
  • Indeed, Thames whitebait which have been compared with that from the mouth of the Exe, the Cornish coast, Menai Strait, and the Firth of Forth seemed to be better fed; but, of course, the specific characteristics of the herring and sprat - into which we need not enter here - were nowise modified.
  • In executing it, however, he took care to make the terms as advantageous for England as possible, with express provision that the Spaniards should in nowise be allowed to interfere in the government of the country.
  • " The church, which has never discussed the literary problem of this Gospel, in nowise erred as to its worth."
  • Whatever its faults may be - and it is for our successors to judge of these - there is this to be said in its favour: that it is in nowise dogmatic. The eloquence of facts appeals to the scientific mind nowadays much more than the assertion of crude and unproven principles.

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