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  • It maintained itself there in a number of close communities, probably in places where no Catholic congregation had been formed; and to these the Novatians at a later period attached themselves.
  • The Novatians and the Quartodecima.ns were the next objects of his orthodox zeal - a zeal which in the case of the former at least was reinforced, according to Socrates, by his envy of their bishop; and it led to serious and fatal disturbances at Sardis and Miletus.
  • 5), 1899; Harnack's " Eine Schrift Novatians," in Texte and Untersuchungen, xiii.
  • He seems to have suffered the Novatians to hold assemblies in the city.
  • After his death the Novatians spread rapidly over the empire; they called themselves Ka6apoi, or Puritans, and rebaptized their converts from the Catholic view.

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