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  • This range forms, in a measure, a natural boundary between Sweden and Norway from the extreme north to the north of Svealand, the central of the three main territorial divisions of Sweden (Norrland, Svealand and Gotaland); though this boundary is not so well markd that the political frontier may follow it throughout.
  • Sweden itself may be considered in four main physical divisions - the mountains and highland district, covering all Norrland and the western part of Svealand; the lowlands of central Sweden; the so-called highlands, in the south and southeast; and the plains of, occupying the extreme southward projection of the peninsula.
  • In Norrland the following terms are common: a, river, often attached to the names of the large rivers, as Torne5., Lulea.
  • A local increase of the ice period naturally takes place in the upper parts of the Smaland highlands; and in the case of the great lakes of Norrland, the western have a rather shorter ice period than the eastern.
  • Thus the average in the north of Norrland is 16.53 in., in the south of Norrland 22.6 in.

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