Sentence Examples

  • Unless you're flirting with someone you know very well, or are in a situation where a wink seems to be particularly appropriate, it's generally not a good idea to risk using this type of nonverbal signal.
  • You can find all of these types of nonverbal communication in the book, Dating Decoder, along with drawings taken from real situations that show body language in dating situations.
  • A person diagnosed on the autism spectrum has difficulty understanding social interactions, especially subtle nuances of nonverbal communication, figurative language, and humor.
  • Most children can work toward some level of improvement.For communication improvement, one of the key developmental needs is understanding and using nonverbal communication.
  • Though some may fear that allowing nonverbal communication will enable the mutism to continue, many therapists believe it is a necessary step for most children with mutism to overcome their communication anxiety in a step-by-step manner.