Sentence Examples

  • Opposers contend that when a court of law is permitted to order noncustodial visitation with regard to grandparents, the state is interfering with the parents' rights to make decisions concerning the raising of their children.
  • The removal of the noncustodial parent or increased work hours for the custodial parent can cause separation anxiety, while the parents' emotional distress tends to be felt by babies, upsetting their own emotional balance.
  • Collection of Support Payments: Most of the time, child support payments are made through employer deductions when the amount of child support ordered is withheld from the noncustodial parent's pay check.
  • These stresses include the unclear role and authority of the stepparent, financial responsibility for stepchildren, conflict between custodial and noncustodial parents, and emotional tensions.
  • Location of the Noncustodial Parent: If the custodial parent doesn't know where the custodial parent is living or working, the CSE office has resources available to help find that individual.