Sentence Examples

  • For his efforts leading to the settlement of the Russo-Japanese War he received the Nobel Peace Prize, and in May 1910 he delivered an address on "International Peace" before the Nobel committee in Christiania.
  • In his Nobel address he said: "In any community of any size the authority of the courts rests upon actual potential force; on the existence of a police or on the knowledge that the able-bodied men of the country are both ready and willing to see that the decrees of judicial and legislative bodies are put into effect;" and he expressed the opinion that until a recognized international supreme court was firmly established, every nation must be prepared to defend itself, and when it was established all the nations must be prepared to maintain its decrees against any recalcitrant nation.
  • In 1913 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and utilized the whole amount, L8,000, for the upkeep of the school at Bolpur.
  • In 1903 they were awarded the Davy medal of the Royal Society in recognition of this work, and in the same year the Nobel prize for physics was divided between them and Henri Becquerel.
  • The Nobel Committee owes its existence to the will of the late Alfred B.

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