Sentence Examples

  • Anibll +an2b12+� �� +annbin a11b21+a12b22+��� +alnb2n, a21b21+a22b22+��� +a2nb2n, � � � ani b21 + a n2 b 22 + � � � +annb2n alib31+a12b32+���+ainb3n, a21b31+a22b32+���+a2nb3n, .�.a n lb 31 + a n2 b 32+ ��� +annb2n a ll b nl + a 12 b n2+ ��� + a ln b nn, a21bn1+a22bn2+�-�+a2nbnn, � � � ani b nl + a n2 b n2 +� � � +annbnn and all the elements of D become zero.
  • Taking any number n to be represented by a point on a line at distance nL from a fixed point 0, where L is a unit of length, we start with a series of points representing the integers I, 2, 3,.
  • Keeping the same tension, it may be shown that nl is constant by finding n for various lengths.
  • If we measure the time from an instant at which the two are in the same phase the resultant disturbance is y=a sin i t+a sin 27rn2t =2a cos ir(n i - n 2)t sin ir(nl-t-n2)t, which may be regarded as a harmonic disturbance of frequency (ni+n2)/2 but with amplitude 2a cos 7r(n i - n 2)t slowly varying with the time.
  • - :2 a2A cos e-2 cos (4nnit+e) b2µ b2µ cos f - cos (41rn 2 t +f) 2 2 + a 2 A cos {2a(n l - n 2)t+e} - a 2 A cos {2a(nl-F n2)t+e} a 2 µ cos {21r(n i - n 2)t - f} - a 2 µ cos { 2 ?

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