Sentence Examples

  • A laboratory method is to mix solutions of sodium nitromethane, CH 2: NO(ONa), and mercuric chloride, a yellow basic salt being formed at the same time.
  • Ag ?HC 'OH ?H CO 2 H-f-H 2 N OH, and also on the production from sodium nitromethane and mercuric chloride, thus CH 2: NO Ohg - > H 2 O -I-C: NOhg (hg = 2 Hg).
  • This readily gave with silver nitrite a nitromethane in which we may suppose the nitro-group to replace the a hydrogen atom, i.e.
  • This acid with silver nitrite gave nitroacetic acid, which readily gave the second nitromethane, CH a (NO 2) b H c H d, identical with the first nitromethane.
  • This acid gives with silver nitrite the corresponding nitromalonic acid, which readily yielded the third nitromethane, CHaHb(N02),Hd, also identical with the first.

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