Sentence Examples

  • One method for this purpose is to convert it into a solution of the nitrate U02(N03)2, and from it to precipitate the metal as oxalate by oxalic acid (Peligot).
  • Uranyl nitrate, U02(N03)2.6H20, is the most important uranium salt.
  • Uranyl nitrate is used in photography, and also in analytical chemistry as a precipitant for phosphoric acid (as uranyl ammonium phosphate, U02 NH4 P04).
  • Besides wool, leading imports are jute, cotton, flax, timber, petroleum, coal, pitch, wine, cereals, oil-seeds and oil-cake, nitrate of soda and other chemical products, and metals.
  • They act as reducing agents, silver nitrate in the presence of ammonia being rapidly reduced to the condition of metallic silver.

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