Sentence Examples

  • These may be written, for the binary nie, Zka k _.
  • X (xa) ki (xb) k2 (xc) k3...axibx2cx3...xx = (AB) hi (AC) h2 (BC) h3...A11 4 13 A1,14131 A B I ?C"' B C "' X (XA) ki (XB) k2 (XC) k3...AXB122cCk...X If this be of order e and appertain to an nie L Eke-/1+2m =e, h i+h2+���+221+ji+j2+���+kl+li =n, hi+h3+..�+222+ji+j3+���+k2+12 = n, h2+h3+���+223+j2+%3+�.�+k3+13 =n; viz., the symbols a, b, c,...
  • That beginning "Ukochana Lancelloto I Ciebie nie prosze o zioto."
  • The Itinerary of Khi-Nie, who travelled (964-976) at the head of a large body of monks to collect books, &c. Neither of the last two has been translated.

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