Sentence Examples

  • These may be written, for the binary nie, Zka k _.
  • X (xa) ki (xb) k2 (xc) k3...axibx2cx3...xx = (AB) hi (AC) h2 (BC) h3...A11 4 13 A1,14131 A B I ?C"' B C "' X (XA) ki (XB) k2 (XC) k3...AXB122cCk...X If this be of order e and appertain to an nie L Eke-/1+2m =e, h i+h2+���+221+ji+j2+���+kl+li =n, hi+h3+..�+222+ji+j3+���+k2+12 = n, h2+h3+���+223+j2+%3+�.�+k3+13 =n; viz., the symbols a, b, c,...
  • That beginning "Ukochana Lancelloto I Ciebie nie prosze o zioto."
  • The Itinerary of Khi-Nie, who travelled (964-976) at the head of a large body of monks to collect books, &c. Neither of the last two has been translated.
  • In the judgment of the present writer, Parmenides, while he denied the real existence of plurality, recognized its apparent existence, and consequently, however little value he might attach to opinion, was bound to take account of it: " pour celui méme qui nie Fexistence reelle de la nature," says Renouvier, " it reste encore a faire une histoire naturelle de l'apparence et de l'illusion."

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