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  • Double chlorides of composition CoC1 2 NH 4 C1.6H 2 O; CoC1 2 SnCl 4.6H 2 0 and CoC1 2.2CdC1 2.12H 2 O are also known.
  • The pentammine nitrito salts are known as the xanthocobalt salts and have the general formula [NO 2 Co (NH 3) 3]X2.
  • ALLANTOIN, C 4 H 6 N 4 O 3 or CO Q `, the NH-CO diureide of glyoxylic acid.
  • Grimaux by heating one part of glyoxylic acid with two parts of urea for ten hours at ioo° C.: 2CO(NH 2) 2 + CH(OH) 2 Oooh = 3h 2 O + C4H6N403.
  • N:CH N N:C(CH3) N NH CO NH ' 'CH :CH CH NH2 C :CH C CH 3 CH :CH 0 Pyrimidine Cyanmethine Uracil

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