Sentence Examples

  • Ng, Cerebral nerve-ganglion.
  • Then come in rank of product value for 1905: foundry and machine shop products (1905) $20,189384, (1900) $18,991,079; cotton goods; silk and silk goods; ammunition (1905) $ 1 5,394,4 8 5, - bei ng 77.2% of the value of all ammunition made in the United States, - (1900) $9,823,712; and rubber boots and shoes (1905) $12,829,346, (1900) $11,999,038.
  • Eater nerve tract' podium ciliated outer nerve tract svver/ng plate podium .deePe crater vessel (Joao/neespace podia anibu/acres/ plate older nerve lobes of fle.rible inteq.
  • (2) After nasals p, t, c, b, d, g became respectively mh, nh, ngh, m, n, ng; thus 2mperator gave ymherawdr, and ambactos (evidently a Brythonic as well as a Gaulish word) gave amaeth (m, though etymologically double, is written single).
  • Should B or C, or both, be at once inconveniently large, and orime, then, instead of the exact ratio B/C some ratio anproxlmat:ng to that ratio, and capable of resolution into convenient factors, is to be found by the method of continued fractions.

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