Sentence Examples

  • Probably many of the ferns were epiphytic. Pecopteris, Cyclopteris, Neuropteris, Alethopteris, Sphenopteris are common genera; Megaphyton and Caulopteris were tree ferns.
  • The cases in which such evidence is decisive are but few, namely, Lyginodendron oldhamium, Neuropteris heterophylla, Pecopteris Pluckeneti, Aneimites fertilis and Aneimites tenuifolius.
  • Have had a habit not unlike (X 5.) that of tree-ferns, with compound leaves of enormous dimensions, belonging to various frondgenera - especially, as has now been proved, to Alethopteris and Neuropteris; these are among the most abundant of the Carboniferous fronds commonly attributed to Ferns, and extend back to the Devonian.
  • In habit some species of Alethopteris resembled the recent Angiopteris, while the Neuropteris foliage may be compared with that of an Osmunda.
  • - Neuropteris heterophylla.

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