Sentence Examples

  • (X 300.) by a nervure and traversed by two A, With " bladder," b, longitudinal nervures, or the nervuration protruded; B, retracted, may be altogether degenerated.
  • There is no ovipositor, and the wings are either without nervures or have only a single degraded longitudinal nervure which does not reach to the tip. While the Terebrantia are (After H.
  • Tower (1903), of nervures similar to those of the hind-wing, and by the proof that the small membranous structures present beneath the elytra of certain beetles, believed by Meinert to represent the whole of the true fore-wings, are in reality only the alulae.
  • There are several curved median and cubital nervures and a single anal, but few cross nervures or areolets.
  • Both lengthwise and transversely, and doubled up beneath the elytron; to permit the transverse folding, the longitudinal nervures are interrupted.

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