Sentence Examples

  • Mystical suggestions in some parts of Plato's teaching which find no counterpart in Aristotle, and in fact disappear from Greek philosophy soon after Plato's death until they are revived and fantastically developed in Neopythagoreanism and Neoplatonism.
  • On the other hand, it was difficult practically to realize this alienation, and a keen sense of this difficulty induced the same hostility to the body as a clog and hindrance, that we find to some extent in Plato, but more fully developed in Neoplatonism, Neopythagoreanism, and other products of the mingling of Greek with Oriental thought.
  • NEOPYTHAGOREANISM, a Graeco-Alexandrian school of philosophy, which became prominent in the ist century A.D.
  • Neopythagoreanism was the first product of an age in which abstract philosophy had begun to pall.
  • Neopythagoreanism was an attempt to introduce a religious element into pagan philosophy in place of what had come to be regarded as an arid formalism.

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