Sentence Examples

  • It was he who suggested that Neoptolemus and Philoctetes should be fetched from Scyros and Lemnos to Troy, and he was one of those who advised the construction of the wooden horse.
  • OLYMPIAS, daughter of Neoptolemus, king of Epirus, wife of Philip II.
  • An oracle having declared that Troy could not be taken without the arrows of Heracles, Odysseus and Diomedes (or Neoptolemus) were sent to fetch Philoctetes.
  • The remaining books relate the exploits of Neoptolemus, Eurypylus and Deiphobus, the deaths of Paris and Oenone, the capture of Troy by means of the wooden horse, the sacrifice of Polyxena at the grave of Achilles, the departure of the Greeks, and their dispersal by the storm.
  • To Troy; and there he suffered ten years' agony from his wounded foot, until Ulysses and Neoptolemus induced him to accompany them to Troy.