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  • NEMATODA, in zoology, a group of worms. The name Nematoda (Gr.
  • NEMATODA, in zoology, a group of worms. The name Nematoda (Gr.
  • The Nematoda possess an elongated and thread-like form (see fig.
  • It is impossible, however, to draw a strict line of demarcation between the free and parasitic species, since - (I) many of the so-called free Nematoda live in the slime of molluscs (Villot), and are therefore really parasitic; (2) while certain species belonging to the freeliving genus Anguillula are normally parasitic (e.g.
  • The Nematode parasites of the Invertebrata are usually immature forms which attain their full development in the body of some vertebrate; but there are a number of species which in the sexually adult condition are peculiar to the Invertebrata.2 The Nematoda contain about as many parasitic species as all the other groups of internal parasites taken together; they are found in almost all the organs of the body, and by their presence, especially when encysted in the tissues and during their migration from one part of the body to another, give rise to various pathological conditions.

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