Sentence Examples

  • The Semang, as they are most usually called by the Malays, are Negritos - a small, very dark people, with features of the negroid type, very prognathous, and with short, woolly hair clinging to the scalp in tiny crisp curls.
  • The country is occupied by a partly settled, partly nomad population of an extremely mixed negroid character.
  • The great plain of Sennar is mainly occupied by Hassania Arabs in the north, by Abu-Rof (Rufaya) Hamites of Beja stock in the east as far as Fazogli, and elsewhere by the negroid Funj and the group of tribes collectively known as Shangalla (the Bertat, Legas, Sienetjo, Guinus, Kadalos, &c.; see Shangalla).
  • The last group, the Negroid, is represented by the races to which has been given the name of Negrito, from the small size of some of them.
  • Some light has been thrown on the connexion between the Tibetan race and certain tribes of central India, the Bhils and Kols; and it seems more probable that these tribes are the remnants of a Mongolian race which first displaced a yet earlier Negroid population, and was then itself shouldered out by a Caucasian irruption, than that they entered India by any of the northern passages within historic times.

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