Sentence Examples

  • Narnia), a town and episcopal see of the province of Perugia, Italy, 65 m.
  • A branch of the Via Flaminia passed from Narnia to Forum Flaminii, and is given instead of the direct line in the Antonine and Jerusalem itineraries.
  • MARCUS COCCEIUS NERVA, Roman emperor from the 18th of September 96 to the 25th of January 98, was born at Narnia in Umbria on the 8th of November, probably in the year 35 AD.
  • The southern road, the Via Valeria led to Carsioli and Alba Fucens (founded as Latin colonies respectively in 2 9 8 and 303 B.C.), and the northern (afterwards the Via Flaminia 4) to Narnia (founded as a Latin colony in 2 99 B.C.).
  • Later on a more circuitous route from Narnia to Forum Flaminii was adopted, passing by Interamna, Spoletium and Fulginium (from which a branch diverged to Perusia), and increasing the distance by 12 m.