Sentence Examples

  • Beyond the Kaukkwe there is a ridge of hills, which starts at Leka, near Mogaung, and diverges to the south, the eastern ridge dividing the Kaukkwe from the Mosit, and the western forming the eastern watershed of the Nam Yin and running south into Katha.
  • Nam et hoc credo, quia, nisi credidero, non intelligam."
  • The Wa, who inhabit the hills immediately overlooking the Nam Ting valley, now make the route dangerous for traders.
  • In the Liber Sad-der, indeed (Porta xxv.), we read, " Cavendum est tibi a jejunio; nam a mane ad vesperam nihil comedere non est bonum in religione nostra "; but according to the Pere de Chinon (Lyons, 1671) the Parsee religion enjoins, upon the priesthood at least, no fewer than five yearly fasts.
  • (1) By the confusion of original e and o, both long and short, with the original long and short a sound; (2) the short schwa-sound a is represented here, and in this group only, by i (pita, " father," as compared with 1raT;jp, &c.); (3) original s after i, u and some consonants becomes s; (4) the genitive plural of stems ending in a vowel has a suffix-nam borrowed by analogy from the stems ending in -n (Skt.

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