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  • St vcTal of der sites La [he /Yorthern part were suggested by the lace MV La Trr/be ...Bateman and some of those Southern part by M' &cm,Ztort H Fulton en Mein report, the RuyalCammuswn.
  • We may also write ur 1 = I +zu 1+ &c., since z is very small compared with u, and expressing u in terms of w by (25), (we find l 21- mv i fi(z) i I +z(c R w + ' R 2 w) do) = 27rmoti(z) I -f-ZZ (Ki + R2/ This then expresses the work done by the attractive forces when a particle m is brought from an infinite distance to the point P at a distance z from a stratum whose surface-density is a, and whose principal radii of curvature are R 1 and R2.
  • If m and m' are the masses, v and v' their initial velocities, and V the common velocity, then m(v - V) = m'(V - v'), therefore m + m')V, and hence (m y + m'v')f(m m') = V.
  • As, however, our terrestrial optical apparatus is now all in motion along with the matter, we must dealt .with the rays relative to the moving system, and to these also Fermat's principle clearly applies; thus V+ (lu'--mv'-Fnw') is here the velocity of radiation in the direction of the ray, but relative to the moving material system.
  • If 2mu 2 denote the mean value of 2mu 2 averaged over the s molecules of the first kind, equations (3) may be written in the form Z mu g = 2 mv 2 = 2 mw 2 = 2x,0 2 1 =.

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