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  • Muratorian Canon, Irenaeus, Tertullian,Clement and Origen), all points to Luke, the companion and fellowworker of Paul (Philem.
  • Before him the whole Christian literature in the Latin language consisted of a translation of the Bible, the Octavius of Minucius Felix (q.v.) - an apologetic treatise written in the Ciceronian style for the higher circles of society, and with no evident effect for the church as a whole, the brief Acts of the Scillitan martyrs, and a list of the books recognized as canonical (the so-called Muratorian fragment).
  • Absent from Marcion's canon, they were included in the Muratorian, where they appear as private letters ("pro affectu et dilectione").
  • And the Muratorian canon, and, in the other, from the Pastoral Epistles.
  • This list published by Muratori in 1740, and called after him " the Muratorian Fragment on the Canon," is commonly believed to be of Roman origin and to be a translation from the Greek, though there are a few dissentients on both heads.

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