Sentence Examples

  • They have become^mainly Protestants, Catholics or Mormons, but retain many superstitions connected with their native religion.
  • In 1906, of the 14,944 members of religious denominations 9,97 0 were Roman Catholics, 1,210 Protestant Episcopalians, 1,105 Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), 618 Methodists and 520 Presbyterians.
  • 2 A law passed in 1887, requiring all voters to take an oath against polygamy, with the object of disfranchising Mormons, was declared unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court.
  • The Mormons remained only about five years, but on their departure for Utah their places were speedily taken by new immigrants.
  • In the four decades before the Civil War, two matters stand out as most distinctive in the history of the state: the trouble with the Mormons, and the growth of river and prairie trade.

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