Sentence Examples

  • Brachiopods have been at various times placed with the Mollusca, the Chaetopoda, the Chaetognatha, the Phoronidea, the Polyzoa, the Hemichordata, and the Urochordata.
  • The histology of the nervous system of Mollusca has yet to be seriously inquired into.
  • In other Pectinibranchia (and such variations are representative for all Mollusca, and not characteristic only of Pectinibranchia) we find that there is a very unequal division of the egg-cell at the commencement of embryonic development, as in Nassa.
  • This is the largest group of Mollusca, including nearly sixty families, some of which are insufficiently known from the anatomical point of view.
  • The Pteropoda, formerly regarded as a distinct class of the Mollusca, were interpreted by E.

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