Sentence Examples

  • The name was a misnomer, as it barely touched the Assiniboine river.
  • The oysters from the beds on the west coast of Schleswig are widely known under the misnomer of "Holstein natives."
  • For this reason, and because almost from the beginning the term "hermits" became a misnomer (for they abandoned the deserts and lived conventually in towns), they ranked among the friars, and became the fourth of the mendicant orders.
  • The change, in spite of the misnomer - for, whatever may be the case elsewhere, in England the bird does not feed upon oysters - met with general approval, and the new name has, at least in books, almost wholly replaced what seems to have been the older one.'
  • In reply, Graslin (De l'Iberie, Paris, 1839), maintained that the name Iberia was nothing but a Greek misnomer of Spain, and that there was no proof that the Basque people had ever occupied a wider area than at present; and Blade (Origine des Basques, Paris, 1869) took the same line of argument, holding that Iberia is a purely geographical term, that there was no.