Sentence Examples

  • The name was a misnomer, as it barely touched the Assiniboine river.
  • The oysters from the beds on the west coast of Schleswig are widely known under the misnomer of "Holstein natives."
  • For this reason, and because almost from the beginning the term "hermits" became a misnomer (for they abandoned the deserts and lived conventually in towns), they ranked among the friars, and became the fourth of the mendicant orders.
  • The change, in spite of the misnomer - for, whatever may be the case elsewhere, in England the bird does not feed upon oysters - met with general approval, and the new name has, at least in books, almost wholly replaced what seems to have been the older one.'
  • Lucrezia Crivelli has, with no better reason, been identified with the famous "Belle Ferronniere" (a mere misnomer, caught from the true name of another portrait which used to hang near it) at the Louvre; this last is either a genuine Milanese portrait by Leonardo himself or an extraordinarily fine work of his pupil Boltraffio.