Sentence Examples

  • Within the boundaries of the United States the northernmost of the transcontinental lines was the Great Northern railway, extending from a point opposite Vancouver, B.C., and from Seattle, Wash., to Duluth, on Lake Superior, and to St Paul and Minneapolis, Minn., where connexion through to Chicago was made over an allied line,.
  • Marquette, Mich., Presque Ile Point, Mich., Agate Bay, Minn., Grand Marais, Minn., and Ashland, Wis., are on bays which have protective breakwaters across their mouths.
  • About 1740 Nadir Shah granted the town and district with the fort of Shamil and the town of Minn, together with the islands of Kishm, Hormuz (Ormus) and Larak, to the Arab tribe of the Beni Ma'Ini in return for a payment of a yearly rent or tribute.
  • He died at Rochester, Minn., May 18 1921.