Sentence Examples

  • These are the kingdoms of Ma t in (Minaean), of Saba (Sabaean), of Hadramaut (Hadramut) and of Katabania (Katabanu).
  • The Minaean kingdom extended over the south Arabian Jauf, its chief cities being Karnau, Ma`in and Yathil.
  • As inscriptions in the Minaean language are found in al-`Ula in north Arabia, it is probable that they had colonies in that district.
  • Pp. 109 seq., Giessen, 1902), that none of the inscriptions are earlier than about 800 B.C. and that the Minaean kingdom existed side by side with the Sabaean.
  • Muller show that there were Minaean colonies in North Arabia.