Sentence Examples

  • -- Decametre or 10 metres; double metre; metre or 1000 millimetres; decimetre or 0.1 metre; centimetre or 0.001 metre; millimetre.
  • Geissler (1815-1879) containing air, carbonic acid, hydrogen, &c., under a pressure of one or two millimetres, exhibit beautiful appearances when traversed by the high tension current produced by the secondary circuit of an induction coil.
  • The armament included 394 guns of all calibres, 6 of which were of 250 millimetres, 4 of 240, and 12 of 200.
  • Gobius alcocki, from brackish and fresh waters of Lower Bengal, is one of the very smallest of fishes, not measuring over 16 millimetres (= 7 lines).
  • A large number of specimens of a species are usually found together, since their only mode of spreading is during the ciliated larval stage, which although it swims vigorously can only cover a few millimetres an hour; still it may be carried some little distance by currents.