Sentence Examples

  • A large number of specimens of a species are usually found together, since their only mode of spreading is during the ciliated larval stage, which although it swims vigorously can only cover a few millimetres an hour; still it may be carried some little distance by currents.
  • At Caracas the annual rainfall ranged from 602 to 863 millimetres between 1894 and 1902.
  • A little vapour is given off at ordinary temperatures and pressures, and when under a few millimetres pressure only it rapidly vaporizes below Ioo° C. The freezing-point is uncertain, owing perhaps to the existence of two modifications, as suggested by Kast (Zeits.
  • Hence 1000Æ is the elongation in millimetres per metre length per kilo.
  • The length of the body, exclusive of the proboscis, which measures about a line to a line and a half, varies according to the species from 6 or 8 millimetres in the case of G.

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