Sentence Examples

  • Mm, just Clara, at the store.
  • It crystallizes in plates, which melt at 32.5-33° C. and boil at 148-149° (15 mm.) (A.
  • X 5 mm., the sides of this square being parallel spider webs 4" of arc apart; the size of the square is reckoned from centre to centre of these double webs.
  • 17), which actuate the movable slides, have heads divided into 100 parts, one revolution = 0.5 mm.; so that ten revolutions are = 5 mm., or = the interval between two adjacent reseau-lines, or = the interval between the sides of the " fixed square."
  • The micrometer-screw S has a pitch of 0.5 mm., its head is divided into too parts.

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