Sentence Examples

  • Af Expression in Terms of Roots.-Since x+y y =mf, if we take cx any root x 3, y1, ofand substitute in mf we must obtain, y 1 C) zaZ1 �; hence the resultant of and f is, disregarding numerical factors, y,y2...y,,.
  • With hydroflouric acid it yields uranous fluoride, UF 4, which forms double salts of the type MF UF 4.
  • Also mn/mf = hk/kf 'or' mn-W (l-x)/l, which is the reaction at A due to the load at C, and is the shear at any point of AC. Similarly, po is the reaction at B and shear at any point of CB.
  • Mf 2.
  • D, E, F, Trochosphere stage, D fp, Pore in the foot (belonging mf, The mantle-flap or limbus to the pedal gland?).