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  • The natives designate the Bolivian climatic zones as yungas, valle or medio yungas, cabezera de valle, puna and puna brava.
  • The mouth is terminal or subterminal; there is a weak sucking pharynx situated behind the brain, and a long intestine lying along the medio-ventral body-cavity; it ends in a cloaca which receives the vasa deferentia in the male.
  • (1901), and his L'Eresia nel medio evo (Florence, 1881); P. Flade, Das rcmische Inquisitionsverfahren in Deutschland (Leipzig, 1902); Ch.
  • One other posthumous production also (besides the tract on Heresy before mentioned) may be referred to this, if not, as Aubrey suggests, an earlier time - the two thousand and odd elagiac verses in which he gave his 1 The De medio animarum statu of Thomas White, a heterodox Catholic priest, who contested the natural immortality of the soul.
  • Tomassetti, " Della Campagna Romana nel medio evo," published in the Archivio della Societi Romana di Storia Patria (Rome, 1874-1907), and separately (a work dealing with the medieval history and topography of the Campagna in great detail, containing also valuable notices of the classical period); by the same author, La Campagna romana (Rome, 1910 foll.); R.

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