Sentence Examples

  • As he was reading the Law at the feast of tabernacles he burst into tears at the words " Thou mayest not set a stranger over thee which is not thy brother "; and the people cried out, " Fear not, Agrippa; thou art our brother."
  • The only tomb here was a sarcophagus, of which the broken front bears the letters which show it to have been the epitaph of one of the Acilian family: - Acilio Glabrioni Filio In the vicinity are fragments of the epitaphs of Manius Acilius and Priscilla, of Quintus Acilius and Caia Acilia in Greek, another Greek inscription " Acilius Rufinus mayest thou live in God."
  • Do thou in me make peace, 0 light-bringer, mayest thou redeem my soul from this born-dead (existence)."
  • Simeon Lakish, 3rd century A.D.: 1 " What is that which is written, ` I will give thee the tables of stone, and the Law and the Commandment, which I have written, that thou mayest teach them (Ex.
  • Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury, that the Lord thy God may bless thee" (Deut.

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