Sentence Examples

  • Penbrooke Mastectomy Maui One Piece: If you are recovering from a mastectomy, this is the perfect style because pockets in the breast area allow ample room for prosthesis inserts, if applicable.
  • A partial mastectomy may be barely noticeable, but a simple or modified radical mastectomy can cause a dramatic change in a woman's body shape, and in her perception about herself.
  • Applegate's mother, Nancy Priddy, began her battle with the disease when Christina was just seven years old, making a full recovery after undergoing a partial mastectomy.
  • It's possible to find cheap breast forms for your needs, whether you're a transvestite, a mastectomy patient, or you just want to enhance your natural bust line.
  • After the 2005 diagnosis, Lyon underwent a modified radical bilateral mastectomy, which involved removing both of her breasts and 29 of her lymph nodes.