Sentence Examples

  • The kangaroo (Macro pus) lives in droves in the open grassy plains.
  • Xerophytes.Plants which grow in very dry soils; e.g., most hens, Ammophila (Psamma) arenaria, Elymus arenarius, Anasis aretioides, Zilla macro ptera, Sedum acre, Bupleurum spinosum, rtemisia herba-alba, Zollikofferia arborescens.
  • While the previous two points focused at the macro level and the overall costs of war, I speak here of consumers' perspective on war.
  • This large aperture telephoto macro lens enables you to shoot up to 1:1 life size close-ups.
  • This tends to induce a distinctly risk averse approach to economic policy and thus a more conservative macro-economic strategy.

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