Sentence Examples

  • Deecke,; a Popular Account of the ColAntry, its People and its Institutions (translated by H.
  • The 16th the Prussians began hostilities, and on the 20th ly declared war.
  • The peoples, fr rmc-ly so apathetic, were now the centre of resistance, and their efforts failed owing to the timidity or sluggishness of governments and the incompetence of some of their military leaders.
  • We have the theorem (I I, v; m, n) (/l l, v l; ml, n i) - (Il l, P 1; m l, n ') (/l, v; m, n) = (11, vl; ml, ni); where 1 /l1= (ml +m-1) ml (/l +nlv) - u-2 Cu '+nvl) 1 1 m-1 1 m1-1 vl =(n -n)vv-E ml / lY- m /lv, m i =7111+m-I, n1=nl+n, and we conclude that qua " alternation" the operators of the system form a " group."
  • For write (pq) =s� and take logarithms of both sides of the fundamental relation; we obtain slox +soot' = + (3ly) S20x 2 +2siixy+s02y 2 = E(aix+(3 ly) 2, &C., and siox+SOly - (S 20 x2 + 2s ii x y+ s ooy 2) +...

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