Sentence Examples

  • Shopping in person always has the benefit of being able to try lingerie on before buying, but if you have experience with a particular store or brand, you can buy online and feel comfortable that you'll get lingerie that fits you perfectly.
  • If you are a business entrepreneur or an investor and are on the hunt for the next big thing in lingerie, want to find out about the latest trends, or just have an interest in the business side of lingerie, then Infomat is the site for you.
  • Despite the unpopular notion that women of size should cover up their skin and use lingerie simply for their functional purposes, the favorable truth is that lingerie can - and should - be worn to make a woman of any size feel her sexiest.
  • Most women and quite a few men will tell you that wearing satin panties is one of the most sensual lingerie experiences you can have, and perhaps the best thing about it is that you can wear satin panties under almost anything you'd like.
  • Its 2009 cancellation was not due to the fact that the league could not get enough subscribers for its pay-per-view event; it was canceled because it was met with some controversy over a group of fans wanting the Lingerie Bowl to go nude.