Sentence Examples

  • To touch a leper was forbidden, and the offence involved ceremonial defilement.
  • At the time he was believed to have been a leper, but as it would appear without sufficient.
  • There is little leprosy in the peninsula, but there is a leper hospital near Penang on Pula Deraja and another on an island on the west coast for the reception of lepers from the Federated Malay States.
  • The determining episode of his life followed soon after his return to Assisi; as he was riding he met a leper who begged an alms; Francis had always had a special horror of lepers, and turning his face he rode on; but immediately an heroic act of self-conquest was wrought in him; returning he alighted, gave the leper all the money he had about him, and kissed his hand.
  • (2) Leper Home near Jerusalem (1867).