Sentence Examples

  • The nurse thought his larynx might still be irritated from the endotracheal or feeding tube.
  • In other words, making noise through your larynx isn't something you have to learn to do.
  • Firstly, then, it was a grace (charisma) of the spirit, yet not of the holy or pure spirit only, but of evil spirits also who on occasions had been known to take possession of the larynx of a saint and exclaim, "Jesus is Anathema."
  • The syrinx or lower larynx is the most interesting and absolutely avine modification, although absent as a voice-producing organ (probably due to retrogression) in most Ratitae, storks, turkey buzzards (Cathartes) and Steganopodes.
  • Pp. 17,18) which he also examined; and he practically, though not literally,' asserted the truth, when he said that the general structure, but especially the muscular appendages, of the lower larynx was " similarly formed in all other birds of this family" described in Audubon's work.

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