Sentence Examples

  • DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew: This lightweight lotion is ideal for sensitive skin types (it's oil-, lanolin- and dye-free) and contains grapeseed extract, which is renowned for its ability to regenerate and repair damaged skin.
  • If you know the mother-to-be plans on natural breastfeeding, create a gift basket that contains a breast pump, burp towels, lanolin cream, personalized bibs and a doughnut-shaped nursing pillow with a cover.
  • No matter which tattooed skin care products your tattoo artist recommends, you can be sure they'll caution you against using any petroleum based (such as Vaseline) or lanolin ointments.
  • Keri Sensitive Skin Lotion: Free of irritating fragrances, lanolin and dyes, this intensive moisturizer sinks deep into the skin and infuses it with enriching aloe and vitamin E.
  • However, using a barrier cream or ointment containing lanolin, such as Lansinoh, or petroleum, like A and D Ointment, can also assist in rash prevention.