Sentence Examples

  • Guillaume De BONNE-CARRERE (1754-1825), French diplomatist, was born at Muret in Languedoc on the 13th of February 1754.
  • In v aded Artois while the Black Prince was pillaging Languedoc. In 1356 the battle of Poitiers (September 19), in which John was taken prisoner, was the signal for conflicts in Paris between Stephen Marcel and the dauphin, and for the outbreak of the Jacquerie.
  • VOLCAE, a Celtic people in the province of Gallia Narbonensis, who occupied the district between the Garumna (Garonne), Cerbenna mons (Cévennes), and the Rhodanus (or even farther to the east in earlier times), corresponding roughly to the old province of Languedoc. They were divided into two tribes, the Arecomici on the east and the Tectosages (whose territory included that of the Tolosates) on the west, separated by the river Arauris (Hérault) or a line between the Arauris and Orbis (Orbe).
  • In 1151, however, some Henricians still remained in Languedoc, for Matthew Paris relates (Chron.
  • The great canal of Languedoc was planned and constructed by Pierre Paul Riquet (1604-1680) under his patronage.

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