Sentence Examples

  • 35 is described under another Hebrew word, and refers to ladanum, a fragrant resin produced in Cyprus, and the use of this drug, as well as that of cinnamon and cassia, indicates even at that early period a knowledge of the products of Somaliland, Arabia and the East Indies and the existence of trade between the farther East and Egypt.
  • Helbenah), yielded by Opoidia galbanifera (Royle) of Khorassan, and Galbanum officinale (Don) of Syria and other Ferulas; ladanum (Heb.
  • A variety of spices - the wealth of the land - are named on these altars, as rand, ladanum, costus, tarum, &c. Frankincense appears as luban, and there are other names not yet understood.
  • Morena, where the ladanum hush (Cistus ladaniferus) is specially abundant; those covered by the Lahiatae are known as tomiliares (from tomillo, thyme), and occur chiefly in the south, south-west and east of the table-land of New Castile.