Sentence Examples

  • The sanctuary of Hera Lacinia at Croton was located in 1912.
  • As Hera Lacinia (from her Lacinian temple near Croton) she was extensively worshipped in Magna Graecia.
  • Times (eyes, feeler, feet and e, Lacinia or " pick " of first claws more highly magnimaxilla.
  • These frail insects, the majority of which have wings of the type described above, are further characterized by the presence of minute but distinct maxillulae, while the inner lobe (lacinia) of the first maxilla is an elongate, hard structure (the " pick," fig.
  • E, First maxilla; a, cardo; b, stipes; c, galea; d, lacinia; e, palp. B, Second maxillae (Labium); a, mentum; b, ligula (between the two galeae); c, c, palps.

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