Sentence Examples

  • Farther west are found the "Jack-Jacks" and the "Kwa-Kwas," sobriquets given respectively to the Aradian and Avikom by the early European traders.
  • The Kwa-Kwa are said to be so called because their salutation "resembles the cry of a duck."
  • In the older books of travel are often found the alternative names for this region, Tooth Coast (Cate des Dents) or Kwa-Kwa Coast, and, less frequently, the Coast of the Five and Six Stripes (alluding to a kind of cotton fabric in favour with the natives).
  • The "master of the law," as his biographers call him, plunged alone into the terrible desert of the Gobi, then known as the Sha-mo or "Sand River," between Kwa-chow and Igu (now Hami or Kamil).
  • This time, however, he crosses Pamir, of which he gives a remarkable account, and passes by Kashgar, Khotan (Kustana), and the vicinity of Lop-nor across the desert to Kwa-chow, whence he had made his venturous and lonely plunge into the waste fifteen years before.