Sentence Examples

  • North of Bagdad, rejoined it below Kut-elAmara, an equal distance to the south.
  • At Kut-el-Amara, approximately half way from Bagdad to Korna, the bed of the Tigris is higher than that of the Euphrates, and accordingly from this point downward its waters flow into the Euphrates and not vice versa.
  • Shortly below Kut-el-Amara all traces of ancient canalization on the east side vanish, and it would appear as though much of that region, now largely under water at flood time, constituted an inland sea.
  • On the west side, however, there are the remains of several canals or channels, some still carrying water, one of which, the Shattel-Hai, leaving the Tigris at Kut-el-Amara, and emptying into the Euphrates at Nasrieh, is still navigable.
  • Pah a+ g B Gulf of Siam 104 D C A NLB'O = D I A s° A too° hang Kut 1.141 Kon Pt.

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