Sentence Examples

  • His clan name was Kung, and Confucius is merely the latinized form of Kung Fu-tze, meaning " the philosopher or master K`ung."
  • The adjoining city is still the home of the Kung family; and there are said to be in it some 40,000 or 50,000 of the descendants of the sage.
  • The harbour is formed by an island named Liu-kung-tao running east and west across the mouth of a small bay, leaving an entrance at each end.
  • Khri lde gtsug-brtan-mesag-ts'oms, the grandson of Mang-srong and second in succession from him, promoted the spread of Buddhism and obtained for his son, Jangts'a Lhapon, who was famous for the beauty of his person, the hand of the accomplished princess Kyimshang, daughter, otherwise kung-chu, of the Chinese emperor Juy- (?
  • Hwa Tuh, another high officer of the duchy, that he might get this lady into his possession, brought about the death of Kung Kia, and was carrying his prize in a carriage to his own palace, when she strangled herself on the way.

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