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  • Herr Abeling identifies Siegfried (Sigurd) with Segeric, while - according to him - the heroine of the Nibelung sagas, Kriemhild (Gudrun), represents a conf.usion of two historical persons: Chrothildis, the wife of Clovis, and Ildico (Hilde), the wife of Attila.
  • (See also the articles Kriemhild, Nibelun Genlied) .
  • He married Gudrun (Kriemhild), the sister of that king, and won for him by a stratagem the hand of the Valkyrie Brynhildr, with whom he had himself previously exchanged vows of love.
  • According to the German story they were killed at the instigation of Kriemhild in revenge for Siegfried.
  • KRIEMHILD (GRiMHILD), the heroine of the Nibelungenlied and wife of the hero Siegfried.

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