Sentence Examples

  • " Herdsman " (BoveoXio-Kos), xxi.
  • N.E., near the modern Kos Bunar.
  • (2) From the middle of the 9th to the middle of the 15th century: the establishment of great native schools under Kos no Kanaoka and his descendants and followers, the pure Chinese school gradually falling into neglect.
  • The native artist who crested the first great wave of Japanese painting was a court noble named Kos no Kanaoka, living under the patronage of the emperor Seiwa ~ mi (850859) and his successors down to about the end of J~~d the 9th century, in the midst of a period of peace and culture.
  • The principal Buddhist painters down to the 14th century were members of the Kos, Takuma and Kasuga lines, the first descended from Kanaoka, the second from Takuma Tamuji (ending 10th century), and the third from Fujiwara no Motomitsu (I 11 century).

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