Sentence Examples

  • HANOI, capital of Tongking and of French Indo-China, on the right bank of the Song-koi or Red river, about 80 m.
  • Jial no kOi tada benevolence of conduct only kore nomi.
  • It has about ioo,000 inhabitants, and comprises four kazas (cantons), namely, (1) Maitos, noted for its excellent cotton; (2) Keshan, lying inland north of Gallipoli, noted for its cattle-market, and producing grain, linseed and canary seed; (3) Myriofyto; and (4) Sharkeui or Shar-Koi (Peristeri) on the coast of the Sea of Marmora.
  • Forschungen, " Vorl,ufige Nachrichten fiber die Ausgrabungen in Boghaz-koi im Sommer, 1907," in Mitteilungen der Deutsch.