Sentence Examples

  • HANOI, capital of Tongking and of French Indo-China, on the right bank of the Song-koi or Red river, about 80 m.
  • Briefly, the chief fish of Japan are the bream (tai), the perch (suzuki), the mullet (bora), the rock-fish (hatatate), the grunter (oni-o-koze), the mackerel (saba), the sword-fish (tachi-uwo), the wrasse (kusabi), the haddock (tara), the flounder (karei), and its congeners the sole (hiranie) and the turbot (ishi-garei), the shad (namazu), the salmon (shake), the mash, the carp (koi), the funa, the gold fish (kzngyo), the gold carp (higoi), theloach (dojo), the herring (nishin) the iwashi (Clu pea melanosticta), the eel (unagi), the conger eel (anago), the coffer-fish (hako-uwo), the fugu (Tetrodon), the ai (Plecoglossus altivelis), the sayori (Heminamphus sayoni), the shark (same), the dogfish (maiiuka-zame), the ray (e), the sturgeon (chO-lame) and the maguro (Thynnus sibi).
  • Jial no kOi tada benevolence of conduct only kore nomi.
  • The belief on which this festival rests has its origin in apocryphal sources, such as the Eis 7-7)v Koi / C?7] (.v ri s OfcrroLvn g ascribed to the Apostle John, and the de transitu Mariae, assigned to Melito, bishop of Sardis, but actually written about A.D.
  • Forschungen, " Vorl,ufige Nachrichten fiber die Ausgrabungen in Boghaz-koi im Sommer, 1907," in Mitteilungen der Deutsch.

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