Sentence Examples

  • A circular arc, centre D and radius c/2, meets D E in K, and the perpendicular KL gives 2c sin a.
  • I, Each such body has a basal hollow portion (en) sur mounted by a glandular cushion (kl), from the centre of which projects a small, solid; club-shaped process or tentacle (t').
  • P the moment of the first par- / tide is represented on a cer n / tam scale by HK, that of the second by KL, and so on.
  • The lining of the crucible may be of either magnesite (MgO) or chromite (FeO Cr203) The whole furnace, electrodes and all, rotates about the line KL for the purpose of pouring out the molten FIG.
  • CV; and therefore the area of the figure bounded by AK, BL, KL and the arc AB, is KL.

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